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V Season 1 Ep 11 Review


Kyle and a scientist named Parker are blamed for the attack on Lisa. Anna orders Joshua not to heal Lisa’s face for maximum sympathy; no-one wonders why the V’s wondrous medical tech can’t cure Lisa’s facial wounds. Erica and Anna chat as Anna mimics Erica’s expressions of concern.

Tyler and Lisa get back together. Chad is a tool and Anna plays the public. Kyle calls Lisa: “The Lizard Princess.” Erica learns the V’s are after Parker because he accidentally created a virus that is toxic to reptiles. Is this their version of the Red Dust from the 1980’s show?

Erica’s attempts to bond with Lisa seem to have failed. Parker’s fate is unsure. Ryan is not coping. A whole host of lizard babies are about to be born and Kyle turns out to be plotting with Marcus. This was good.
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