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Movie Review: Tropic Thunder (2008)

Ben Stiller's latest comedy is funny and chock full of bad taste. It's what you expect from a Ben Stiller film. The plot doesn't actually matter because there is much to enjoy: The fake ad and fake trailers (far superior to the fake trailers with 'Grindhouse'. Simple Jack', enough said. Kirk Lazarus, now who could he be based on? The hooker/panda mix-up. Nick Nolte. The pyromaniac SFX guy. The evil kids. The "I don't drop character until I've done the DVD commentary" line. Steve Coogan's character getting blown up and the resulting David Beckham line.

There is however stuff that isn't enjoyable: Jack Black's character running around in his underpants while going cold turkey from heroin. Any scene with Tom Cruise.
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