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Book Reviews: Revelation + Never Let Me Go

Revelation by C.J. Sanson

In 1543 lawyer Matthew Shardlake works on the case of boy suffering from religious mania. Also a series of horrific murders take place. No-one knows what to make of them but Shardlake suspects that one man in behind them.

Shardlake also deduces that the murders are connected to the Book of Revelation and the woman who is soon to become King Henry VIII’s sixth wife, Catherine Parr. This is an enjoyable historical mystery which unfortunately at times slips into sub par ‘Silence of the Lambs’ territory. Otherwise, this is a good read.

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Kathy, Ruth and Tom grew up in Hailsham, an idyllic establishment deep in the countryside. There they were sheltered and told they were special. Then they grow up, leave Hailsham and begin the work for which they are destined.

It takes a long time but Kathy, Ruth and Tom have to face the truth about their upbringing and their future. This is a good, creepy, chilling and sad tale. The wrongness of what is going on creeps up on you bit by bit.
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