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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Ep 2 Review

The Night of the Comet

More immoral teenagers fall prey to Damon; these characters should be driven to skid row and dropped off with the bums. A comet passes overhead. Jeremy and Tyler feud over the skanky Vicki. The vile Mr Tanner strikes again. Damon The Rubbish Baddie and Elena meet.

The vampire SFX are rubbish. Jeremy does not look 15. Damon and Stefan treat Vicki like a taco they dropped on the ground. Damon The Rubbish Baddie chows on Caroline and her Courtney Love reject dress. This was boring and disappointing and the wailing soundtrack annoys.

Best Lines:
Wait til you date a guy with mommy issues or cheating issues or amphetamine issues.”

“I know you.”
“Well, that’s unfortunate.”

“Let them drive a stake through my heart because at least I’ll be free of you.”

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