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Eastwick Ep 5 Review

Mooning and Crooning

Darryl blathers on about a celestial event that will drive the town wild for a night. Mia continues to be stupid and a cow. Roxie tells Carl about her powers. The idiot Will plot drags on and now he hooks up with Kat. Rev Dunn’s wife calls the slappers out.

Kat sluts it up, sings in a bar and starts fires. Who is minding her kids? Joanna degrades herself for ‘humour’. Eastwick goes wild. Penny hits on Joanna. Roxie has an ominous vision. Joanna writes an expose of Darryl which goes wrong. She loses her job. Why doesn’t she use her powers to save her job and get Will to forgive her? Why doesn’t Joanna ask Penny who her source is? Why do Joanna, Roxie and Kat hang out with Darryl? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“How was dinner?”
“Fine. The pastor’s wife yelled at us and called us whores.”

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