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The Deep Ep 2 Review

Into the Belly of the Beast

Vincent is the new Maddy, a useless whining screamer. Captain Kelly and Samson head in to the giant vessel that looms above them. Meanwhile on land, Clem’s idiot daughter does stuff. Any hint of mystery developed in ep 1 is tossed aside as the ship turns out to be Russian and it’s all about oil apparently.

Raymond plays the shame card, most of the Russian crew turn out to be dead, there are mysterious items in a box and the giant submarine doesn’t look like a submarine, it looks like a warehouse. The Orpheus’ Russian crewmember runs about showing off her polyester wig.

There are jokes about welding, Samson gets into peril again and there is techno babble. To the surprise of no-one the Hermes is onboard the huge submarine. Meanwhile on land, someone has gone through Catherine’s stuff. This was okay but pedantic.
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