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Prison Break 4x04+4x05 Reviewed

Eagles and Angels/Safe and Sound

TPTB know their target audience, in one ep Michael wears an LAPD uniform and
in another he wears a suit. Apart from that season 4 is already becoming
formulaic as the team hunt down the cards. Michael has his nosebleeds
o'mystery. The motives of the Company remain ever elusive, they also fail to
notice great big holes drilled in their safes.

T-Bag and his idiot plot at GATE drag on. Mahone hunts down the latest Company assassin, somehow
overlooking the deep irony of that task. Linc hangs around looking like a
criminal and has seemingly forgotten Veronica's murder and any interest in
LJ and Sofia. Gretchen is menaced with a bucket of urine but then escapes
after killing a guy with a rusty nail. Sara's resurrection continues to be
pointless. Also Roland annoys and Self continues to be dim.

These two eps were water treading.
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