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Sherlock 1x03 Review

The Great Game

The question remains: why does Watson and his hideous old man knitwear adhere to Holmes, who offers him little in the way of friendship? Holmes is bored and shoots up the flat but then is drawn into a game staged by his nemesis.

As the plot unfolds there are lots of call-backs to the Holmes stories as Holmes and Watson expose a series of hidden crimes. It’s a game that will lead to a confrontation with the infamous Moriarty. This was good but Moriarty seems more like a wee rat Ant & Dec than the Napoleon of Crime. Then TPTB end it on a cliffhanger. Bastards.

Instead of the Baker Street Irregulars, Holmes has a network of homeless informers. Nice also did Holmes for a moment of baffled horror think Watson was Morarity? Was Holmes playing (badly) the Granada Sherlock Holmes theme tune on his violin? Did nobody wonder why the man was standing in Piccadilly Circus for eight hours? When did Holmes and Watson get to sleep? Doesn’t Watson have a job? Didn’t anybody notice the problem with the alleged Dutch Old Master before now? How did the flat’s windows get fixed so quickly? Why aren’t the police looking for Moriarity? Watson got abducted, again?!?

Best Lines:
She was going places.”
“Not anymore.”

“You scratch their backs and...”
“And then disinfect myself.”

“Isn’t he sweet, I can see why you like having him around. But then people do get so sentimental about their pets.”

“You ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool. People might talk.”
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