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The Deep (2010) Ep 1 Review

To The Furthest Place

Five minutes into the future, while exploring the Arctic Ocean the submarine Hermes and all her crew are lost. So six months later a new submarine the unsubtly named Orpheus is sent to find out what happened. Cue bad acting, awful opening credits and exposition dumps.

There are mysterious things in the water, a last broadcast from Hermes, the Orpheus is bigger on the inside than on the outside and Orpheus has a window. Captain Kelly (Minnie Driver) is bonking Samson (Goran Visnjic), the engineer Clem (James Nesbitt) is brooding over his wife who died on Hermes and a predatory evil must surely be lurking in the icy deep ready to eat them.

A creepy new guy lurks around like the vampire Lestat and there are man made structures on the ocean floor. Samson is in peril due to Clem being inept and there are weird flashes of light. An annoying useless character dies. While this was dull and shallow as a birdbath with no dialogue of coruscating effect it did invoke a sense of mystery. So I will keep watching even if comes across at times like a rip off of ‘Surface’, ‘Seaquest DSV’ and ‘Leviathan’.

Best Lines:
Giant psychotic squid with a hammer.”

“Trapdoors into hell.”

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