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Movie Reviews: FAQ About Time Travel +Totally Awesome +Waitress

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (2009)

Not since ‘Salvage’, ‘Franklyn’ or ‘Severance’ has there been such a low budget non-event of a UK movie. Three blokes sit in their pub talking about various things. Then after an encounter with Cassie (Anna Faris), they become aware that something is going on in the bogs.

There’s a time rip in the bogs and the blokes fall through it. Cue a prolonged scene in a dark cupboard that prompts a Narnia joke. The pubs décor changes through the eons, Faris wears a selection of wigs and there is a giant ant. There are no horrors or revelations. This is clunking and laboured even as various iterations of the central characters run around. This is like an episode of ‘Spaced’ or a TV pilot for BBC 3. This may be dull but the retro soundtrack is nice.

Best Line:
I really thought that time travel would be a bit more thrilling than this.”

Totally Awesome (2006)

In this parody of 1980’s teen movies, a family move to a new town. Dancing is outlawed, a creepy janitor lurks and evil cool kids rule so there is lots of screeching, vile clothes and over acting.

Charlie becomes obsessed with a vapid airhead overlooking the greasy and poor Billie (Nicki Clyne) while Lori (Dominique Swain) just wants to dance. At a track meet there are stirring speeches, the dangerously psychotic bully Kip gets his, the vile Charlie gets a girl and Lori dances. This was mediocre but had some amusing moments.

Best Line:
“I know what you’re thinking. Ben what could possibly make Hollywood think a movie like ‘Soulman’ was a good idea? The answer: cocaine.”

Waitress (2007)

This was written and directed by the late Adrienne Shelly. Waitress Jenna is married to the abusive Earl (Jeremy Sisto) and now she’s pregnant. She takes consolation in her friends and her pie baking and her new doctor.

Jenna is a good person. She makes great pies, does make overs and waits on the local curmudgeon. So her affair with her Dr Pomatter (Nathan Fillion) comes out of nowhere. But can Jenna free herself from the pernicious and poisonous Earl? This was okay and much better than the narcissistic cleavage convention that is ‘Sex and the City’.

Best Lines:
“I’m calling it I Don’t Want Earl’s Baby Pie.”
“I don’t think we can write that on the menu board.”

“Why doesn’t your damn husband buy you a car already?”
“Cos he don’t want me going nowhere.”

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