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Book Reviews: Kitty Goes to War + Stone Spring

Kitty Goes to War by Carrie Vaughn

The eighth ‘Kitty’ novel is a return to form after the disappointing ‘Kitty Raises Hell’ and ‘Kitty’s House of Horrors’. Kitty tries to help three werewolf soldiers with PTSD as well as deal with the evil CEO of a chain of convenience stores.

It’s all in a day’s work for Kitty – Alpha Werewolf/talk radio host. This is a good novel with nice characterization.

Stone Spring by Stephen Baxter

From the author of ‘Flood’, ‘Ark’, ‘Moonseed’ and ‘Voyage’ comes this alternate history tale of how Mesolithic girl changes the world. Ana lives in Northland, a vast fertile plain that once joined Britain to the Continent. Life is good in Northland, but the sea is rising.

One day a Tsunami nearly destroys Ana’s people and to save what little is left, she dedicates her life to building a wall to keep the sea out. To save Northland from drowning beneath the waves, Ana will do anything no matter the cost to her and to those around her.

This is a fascinating tale of a brutal world and of vastly different cultures. It’s a good tale of strength of will and how a single person can change everything.
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