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Sherlock 1x02 Review

The Blind Banker

Holmes’ college ‘buddy’ asks him for help involving a break in at a bank. This leads to multiple dead bodies, weird symbols, a crime syndicate and a really bad date. This was okay but not as good as Ep 1.

Watson is a doormat to Holmes putting up with his inhuman coldness, cruelty and darkness. Still Holmes continues to be sexually ambivalent and Watson is still astonished by him, there’s a touch of the suggestively intimate to their living arrangements. Still what happened to Watson’s ASBO and court date?

Best Lines:
“This is my friend John Watson.”

“They’re giving me an ASBO!”

“Digesting slows me down.”

“I said could you pass me a pen?”
“About an hour ago.”
“Didn’t notice I’d gone out then?”
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