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Another Tape Tale of 2000

Cleared out a tape from 2000. It had two ‘Xena Warrior Princess’, one ‘G vs E’ and one ‘The X Files’ on it.

The first ‘Xena’ was ‘Looking Death in the Eye’ as the annoying Eve plot drags on. The gods hunt Xena as her baby Eve is predicted to bring about the Twilight of the gods, which turned out to be a self fulfilling prophecy anyway. For some reason, Gabrielle doesn’t bring up the whole Hope issue. Ares, Athena and the second Hades and Celesta run around displaying bad acting. Octavian shows up as well for no clear reason. Joxer is stupid, the idiot Eli is mentioned and Xena and co fall off a cliff. The gods fall for Xena’s plan but Xena doesn’t plan on Ares entombing her and Gabrielle in ice while Octavian takes Eve away to raise himself. This was dull. Not only did they recast Hades but they had him turn on Xena, he was her ally for many seasons and now he’s her enemy. Makes no sense!

The tale continued in the second ‘Xena’ ep ‘Livia’ in which an avalanche wakes Xena and Gabrielle up after 25 years. An exposition shouting peasant woman reveals people still follow the late idiot Eli and that an evil Roman woman named Livia is rampaging. It seems Joxer married Meg and had kids but he still obsesses over Xena and Gabrielle. Xena hops on Argo II and heads for Rome where Octavian is now Emperor. Xena realises that Livia is Eve and Octavian plans to marry her, eeeeewwww. Ares schemes and Livia a devoted Roman woman has no issues about making out with a Greek god. Livia tantrums and denies Xena: “You are not my mother, Rome is my mother!” This was dull.

Then there was the ‘G vs E’ ep ‘Ambulance Chaser’ in which a reporter tapes a Corps vs Morlock battle and wants to expose the Corps cue a mountain of bad acting and uninteresting plotting.

The X Files’ ep was ‘Requiem’ in which Krycek is somehow in jail in Tunisia. Mulder’s abducted by aliens. Scully’s knocked up and Krycek then pushes Cigarette Smoking Man down the stairs. This was all too po-faced and meaningless.
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