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Quotes of the Day

Down With St. Desmond’s’ Quotes:

“How any girl could pinch a pen from a cripple, I don’t know.”

“That was my mother she was talking about. She called her a ‘jealous, horrible girl’.”

“She’s not a cripple, nor an orphan, but she is a vindictive little villain.”

“Theft, cheating at exams, you name it, I did it. Did they tell you I pinched a trophy, a violin and a rare book from the library. I had a great time till I made the dump too hot to hold me.”

“The old tuck-shop. I haven’t eaten a stodgy bun for twenty-five years! Madly nostalgic, isn’t it, girls.”

“Still making rotten doughnuts and rubber scones, Doreen? Golly, remember how I pinched the money from your till then made all the kids sick by putting chemicals in your buns! Happy days!”

Fight Club’ Quote:

I am Joe’s Raging Bile Duct.”
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