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Sherlock (2010 - ?) 1x01 Review

A Study in Pink

Dr John Watson a war vet who walks with a cane needs a flatmate and some inspiration for his blog. Then his friend Stamford introduces him to a man named Sherlock Holmes who beats up corpses. Watson is intrigued and a bit annoyed by Holmes and agrees to be his flatmate and help him solve crimes for Lestrade. This crime focuses on a series of mysterious suicides and a creepy cabbie.

This started out iffy (the opening credits are not good)  but rapidly improved. It was good, very enjoyable and full of subtext. Holmes is mean and creepy and deduces much about Watson via his phone. Lestrade’s co-workers think Holmes is a psychopath, they may be right even Holmes admits he’s a: “High functioning sociopath.”

Holmes uses nicotine patches to get high and the spectre of Moriarty lurks in the background. There is a great misdirect with Mycroft Holmes and the stage is set for more Holmes and Watson adventures.

Best Lines:
Yeah, he’s always like that.”

“She was leaving an angry note in German, of course she was writing Rachel.”

“He’s a psychopath, psychopaths get bored.”

“I would make some sort of threat but I’m sure your situation is quite clear to you.”

“It’s a three patch problem.”

“Bit of trouble too, I bet?”
“Of course, yes, enough for a lifetime. Far too much.”
“Want to see some more?”
“Oh god yes.”

“There’s a name nobody says and I’m not going to say it either.”

“How do you get a colleague? Did he follow you home?”

“I met him yesterday.”
“And since yesterday you’ve moved in with him and now you’re solving crimes together. Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week?”
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