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2000 Tape Tale

Cleared out a tape from 2000. It had one ‘Xena, Warrior Princess, one ‘G vs E’, one ‘The X Files’ and one ‘Star Trek Voyager’ on it.

The ‘Xena’ ep was the dull ‘Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire’ which was the second musical ep this show did. Xena stages a battle of the bands for a lyre. Amazons show up in black leather, Joxer and yet another of his brother’s hang out, Xena displays her awful maternity costume and Xena’s ill fated mother shows up.

There is singing and much stuff that wouldn’t be out of place on ‘Glee’. There are issues and bad singing and idiot comedy. Still the ‘There is Always Something There to Remind Me’ song, the sing-a-long at the end and the end credits are good.

The ‘G vs E’ ep was the boring ‘Lady Evil’ in which a non-entity becomes a metal star thanks to a Faustian deal. Chandler and Henry have to save the day. Chandler’s idiot son Ben shows up as does Rossdale a thinly disguised Steven Tyler knock off. There is some sexist comments about female singers and an under appreciated background joke about the singer Lily. The ‘Fallen Angel’ song is good.

The ‘X Files’ ep was ‘First Person Shooter’ in which a VR game goes mental. What happened to Virtual Reality and Acid Rain anyway? Scully is pissy as always. Krista Allen shows up as a stripper and a VR character that kills people. This was mediocre.

Finally the ‘Voyager’ ep was the excreteable ‘Pathfinder’ in which the stunt cast Barclay chatted to the stunt cast Troi about how he works on an Interdimensional Deep Space Transponder Array to contact Voyager. Admiral Paris shows up and chats to Janeway and her vile hair but not his son.
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