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Book Reviews: Cybele's Secret + Darkborn

Cybele’s Secret by Juliet Marillier

Paula and her merchant father visit the Ottoman Empire in search of an artefact called Cybele’s Gift. It is a totem of an ancient religion and many seek it, each for their own agenda.

Paula finds herself in peril as the quest for Cybele’s gift leads to adventure, tests of loyalty and love. This is an okay novel.

Darkborn by Alison Sinclair

The first of a fantasy trilogy. This tells of a world cursed to be divided into two societies. The Darkborn for whom sunlight is fatal and the Lightborn whose enemy is the dark. They co-exist but barely interact.

But something is stirring, something that threatens both peoples. Darkborn Balthasar aids a pregnant woman in distress and unwittingly becomes part of a web of magic and plots. His wife Telmaine has a secret she can no longer hide and the notorious Ishmael di Studier does his duty no matter the price. This is good engrossing stuff with fascinating world building. I’m intrigued as to how it will unfold.
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