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Movie Review: The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2009)

The trailer gives the whole plot of this lame ‘Omen’ rip-off away. Molly goes to a fancy school and is tormented by visions and memories of her nutty mother. Her father (Jake Weber of ‘American Gothic’ and ‘Dawn of the Dead’) is useless and Joseph (Chance Crawford of ‘Gossip Girl’) pants after her.

Molly has issues with various classmates and slaps around the big haired mean girl Suzie (AnnaLynne McCord of ‘90210’). Then Molly’s mad mother gets out of the nut house and spills the beans as to what is going on.

Molly runs around screeching and killing people and attacking people and being unaware that evil pretty boy Joseph is evil. The ending is an anti-climax.

Best Lines:
I’m fine.”
“Your mother stabbed you in the chest with a pair of scissors.”

“You can’t hide in here all day you know. Believe me I’ve tried.”

“If I don’t stop you now, you’ll do terrible things.”

“You have great power ahead of you.”
“I don’t want it.”
“You will.”

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