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The Tudors Season 4 Eps 9&10 Reviewed

Ep 9
Henry’s suddenly old and can’t speak properly. The French Ambassador goes around being sneak, sneak, sneak. Suffolk’s ‘son’ is suddenly all grown up and his ‘official mistress’ who never existed lords it up. Catherine Parr writes a book and this leads to Henry turning on his latest wife. Anne Askew is arrested and horribly executed. Surrey is condemned. Mary stirs up trouble. This was uh.

Ep 10
Mary plots. Henry manipulates. Catherine weeps and talks her way out of trouble. Henry rants. Lord Hartford punches out a prat. Henry sees the ghost of Katherine of Aragon. She nags. There is foreshadowing of Mary’s future disastrous marriage. Suffolk whines and dies, his wife finally shows up. Henry sees the ghost of Anne Boleyn and seems to miss her most.

Henry says farewell to his wife and daughters. Then he sees the ghost of Jane Seymour who berates him. Henry has memories of his past: Cromwell is shown being slapped, Wolsey looks sad but Henry has no recollections of his sister or current wife. Cranmer is mentioned, Henry approves Holbein’s portrait and dies off screen. He was succeeded in turn by Edward who would rule for six years, Mary who would rule for five years and Elizabeth who ruled for forty five years. This was good.

If Holbein painted Henry VII, he sure looks good for his age. Why does Elizabeth dress like she’s 40?

Best Lines:
“Go away shade, go away Katherine.”
“You sent me away once before.”

“Poor Catherine Howard. She lies in the cold ground next to me...we were like two moths drawn to the flame and burned.”

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