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Eastwick (2009) Ep 1 Review


Based on the book by John Updike (but maybe not the film, the book sequel and the musical) this sees three Eastwick women come together via their awakening magic. Roxie is a slutty widow and would be Earth Mother. Kat is a nurse with five kids and a lazy nasty husband named Raymond and Joanna is a meek reporter with a crush on co-worker Will.

Via some coins and a wishing well their powers awaken to the horror of a local historian (Veronica Cartwright of ‘The Witches of Eastwick’) who rants about the cone of power. Then Darryl Van Horne (Paul Gross of ‘Due South’) rides into town and buys up most of it. He also smarms and oils his way around.

Roxie has precog dreams and an idiot daughter named Mia. Joanna learns she can control men and lets down her hair and puts on a sausage skin dress. The trio dance in the fountain like they’re in the opening credits of ‘Friends’. Raymond shows up to be a killjoy so Kat wants a divorce. Mia’s skeevy date attacks her. Joanna kisses Will. A useless character named Jamie shows up and Joanna’s co-worker Penny (Sara Rue of ‘Popular’) learns Daryl isn’t Daryl. This is okay.

Best Lines:
“A husband who’s got the maturity level of a ferret.”

“He’s been here before. He is evil.”

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