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Book Reviews: The Seventh Bullet +Passing Strange +Horns

The Seventh Bullet by Daniel D. Victor

Sherlock Holmes and the ever faithful Watson investigate the real life murder of the forgotten journalist David Graham Phillips. They soon find themselves caught up in a web of political intrigue. This is a good story.

Passing Strange by Daniel Waters

The third in the ‘Generation Dead’ saga focuses on the zombie Karen. She has a lot to deal with: being dead, rising from the dead, how she died and the persecution of her friends. She feels that she can fix things by dating the deeply disturbed Pete. This she believes with allow her to unearth how he committed crimes and framed her friends for them.

But nothing goes to plan as Pete sinks deeper into insanity and Karen faces ever more questions about who and what she is. This is good; you get the sense that everything is building up to a crescendo. What are Pete’s group planning? What is happening to Karen? Why are zombies rising?

Horns by Joe Hill

“It was like the plot of a sixteenth-century revenge tragedy”

Ig was once happy, now he’s anything but. His true love Merrin was murdered and everyone thinks he did it. So when he wakes up with horns and the gift of people telling him their worst secrets and darkest desires, he knows what he has to do.

He’ll find out who killed Merrin, he’ll make them pay and he’ll embrace his destiny. But along the way Ig will learn his former perfect life wasn’t so perfect. People are not what they seem and everyone has secrets. Even Merrin. This was good but dark. Would you really want to know what goes on inside other people’s heads and what they really think of you?
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