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Movie Reviews: Inception +In Dreams +Under Siege

Inception (2010) Review

This was just bizarre. Dreams within dreams within dreams, reality bending, characters fighting in zero g, building worlds, emotional manipulation and a mean ending. This was interesting and decidedly odd. It was a cold and aloof film but I loved the scenes where Adriane remodelled the dream Paris.

In Dreams (1999)

This is a failure of a movie about a drowned town, a psychic screaming woman (Annette Bening) and a large ham killer (Robert Downey Jr). Psychic woman dreams and screams, her husband (Aidan Quinn’) yells, there is bad acting all around, over wrought melodrama and Paul Guilfoyle of ‘CSI’ shows up.

There is no reason why the screaming psychic is a human garbage can for the large ham killer. The husband and the shrink (Stephen Rea) vanish from the film and this just falls apart from the five minute mark.

Best Line:
“I command that you be held in a secure mental facility until the state of Massachusetts deems it safe for you to walk our streets again. Which I hope will not be in my lifetime.”

Under Siege (1992)

This is an above average 90’s action movie with a nice 90’s action movie soundtrack. Steven Segal plays Ryback a ship’s cook/Navy SEAL who whispers all his lines and fights off a group of nutters lead by Strannix (Tommy Lee Jones).

Tommy Lee Jones leaves teeth marks on the scenery. Krill his co-worker in evil wears drag for no clear reason, shudder. Still Strannix, Krill and their fellow evil doer Dahmer steal the show. Ryback and his posse of a stripper and some random sailors save the day and thwart the baddies. This prompts Strannix to have a psychotic break and have a knife fight with Ryback. Guess who wins. This is okay where did the stripper go in ‘Under Siege 2’?

How did the baddies get on the helicopter? Did nobody notice this? Didn’t anyone fear that Ryback would die in the meat locker? Why did they bother brining the stripper aka Miss July 1989 on board at all? What is the stripper wearing as she arrives? Do Ryback and Strannix know each other? Don’t even get me started on the illogic of the stripper jumping out of the cake scene.

Best Line:
“Krill’s a maniac; go tell the captain he spit in my soup!”
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