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Quantum Leap Season 5 Review, Concluded

The Leap Between the States
Sam leaps into 1862 in the latest gimmick ep they cranked out in a failed attempt to prevent cancellation. Sam preaches, the guest actress can’t act and there is a patronising moral message. Ugh.

Memphis Melody
Sam leaps into Elvis. Al wears a peach suit and somehow dances on a diner counter. Season 2’s Stevie King appearance was better than this.

Best Line:
“Comb that hair, it looks like a chicken scratched in it.”

Mirror Image
Sam leaps into himself in a mysterious bar called Al’s Place on the day he was born. Familiar faces appear and Sam is his usual patronising self. Al wears his dress uniform for no clear reason other than he looks good in it.

Sam is rude and shows off his entitlement complex. We see the Imaging Chamber from Al’s POV. Sam and Al’s connection shows up again. Sam sort of realises how badly he’s treated Al. So he fixes Al’s first marriage to his true love Beth thus no doubt drastically changing Al’s life, personality and destiny. This was a bad ending to the show.

Questions remain: what was the bar? Where all the patrons leapers? Who was the bar tender? Is there a PQL for Sam to leap home to?
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