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'Traveler' Thoughts

Am looking forward to 'Dead Set' a zombie uprising takes over the Big Brother house? What's not to love? It can't suck worse than 'Bonekickers' anyway.

Rewatched the pilot ep of 'Traveler' and thought  Jay (Matthew Bomer) was cute but dim and Will was a sneaky liar. Plus the ground was laid for the Chalmers twist. Though to nitpick, Will could have avoided a whole lot of trouble if he hadn't rung Jay to check they'd got out of the museum. That phone call and his apology made them suspicious of him and sent them on their quest to find him. The opening scene of them leaving their Yale housing was cute and the flashback to their first meeting was painful. Why painful? Because after recalling it, Jay knew his best friend had set them up. Oh plus the scene in the club where Will does his 'get your groove on' dance was funny but he was being sneaky.

Rewatched ep 2 of 'Traveler' Jay remembers Will some more. Tyler also thought of Will as his best friend. Jay and Tyler miss the huge honking hints that creepy dude and Fog Senior know way more about Will then they should. They know Will had military training, that he knew Fog snr and that he tricked Tyler into playing with nitroglyerin. Nitpick: Why is nobody at Yale interviewed about Will?

Still haven't seen 'Mamma Mia!' or 'Tropic Thunder'.

Rewatched 'Scream 3', who else thinks McDreamy should have been the killer?

I watched 'Hollyoaks' just to see how the McDean saga ended, aaawwwwwww.

I want, no, need a Richard flashback on season 5 of 'Lost'.
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