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Book Reviews: Much Fall of Blood + Seance for a Vampire

Much Fall of Blood by Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint and Dave Freer

This is the fourth in the ‘Heirs of Alexandria’ series as the alternate history saga continues. Prince Manfred and Erik Hakkonsen travel into Mongol lands on a diplomatic mission. But their journey becomes entwined with the latest scheme of King Emeric of Hungary.

Also Prince Vlad escapes from Emeric’s prison and seeks to take back his land of Valahia. The blood Countess continues her plotting and behind it all the demon Chernobog is playing a much bigger game than anyone can yet see.

This is a very good tale of politics, intrigue and blood magic. The only flaw if the tiresome Princes/love interest for Erik. Hopefully the fifth book in the saga won’t take as long to be published as this one did.

Séance for a Vampire by Fred Saberhagen

This is an odd Sherlock Holmes story that is still better than such publications as ‘The Man From Hell’ and ‘The Scroll of the Dead’. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson investigate a medium and end up facing a vampire. Then Holmes is abducted and Dracula shows up to help Watson. This is a bizarre but okay story but the constantly switching narrators annoy.
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