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Book Reviews: The Wizard of London + Arrowhead

The Wizard of London by Mercedes Lackey

A loose retelling of 'The Snow Queen' set in an alternate universe London.

Isabelle Harton runs a school for the sons and daughters of English
expatriates. What is not advertised is that the school also trains children
gifted with magic. Now the Harton school has two new pupils: Sarah who is a
medium and Nan a telepath. When someone tries to kill the children, Isabelle
must seek help from Lord David Alderscroft, the wizard of London.

Alderscroft broke her heart many years ago and now this icy man has risen to
a position of great power in the magical community. Soon Isabelle, Sarah and
Nan learn that a terrible power is threatening everyone. A power focused on
Lord Alderscroft. Can Isabelle and co foil its terrible plans and melt
Alderscroft's frozen heart?

A fairly enjoybale fantasy tale of a very different Victorian era.


The Afterblight Chronicles: Arrowhead by Paul Kane

The 5th the Afterblight saga after 'The Culled', 'Kill or Cure', 'School's
and 'Dawn over Doomsday'.

After the absolutely dreadful 'Dawn over Doomsday', the 'Afterblight' saga
returns to form with this book. Following the cull and the death of his wife
and son, policeman Robert Stokes became a semi-crazed recluse living off the
land in Sherwood Forest. Time passes and unbeknownst to Robert, pockets of
survivors are building up communities, setting up bartering markets and
beginning to rebuild. Then one day an invasion force lead by an insane
Frenchman named De Falaise emerges from the Channel Tunnel to lay waste to
the rebuilding.

De Falasie sets up headquarters in Nottingham Castle and proclaims himself
Sheriff. Anyone who won't accept his brutal rule will die. By chance Robert
sees De Falasie's men attacking people and intervenes to save the day armed
only with his longbow and some arrows. Soon a legend is born, or rather
reborn: a hooded man who brings justice.

Soon people come into the forest seeking to join Robert and the recluse
finds himself with a modern day group of Merry Men and his very own Marian.
Robert decides not to be a loner any more and that he and his band of
outlaws will put an end to the wicked ways of the insane Sheriff.

This is a good retelling of the Robin Hood saga in the world of the
'Afterblight Chronicles'. But one has to wonder why the name Robin Hood
isn't actually used in this book, they refer to either the legend and use
the name Robin once.
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