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Movie Review: The Seeker: The Dark is Rising (2007)

This film which isn’t as bad as most think is based very, very loosely on the Susan Cooper novel. Teenager Will learns that he is one of the Old Ones who hang around defending Earth from the Dark. The Dark is represented by the Rider (Christopher Eccleston of ‘Elizabeth’, ‘Doctor Who’ and ’28 Days Later’) who appears in slow motion being ominous.

Will is only too glad to get away from his moron family when Merriman (Ian McShane of ‘Kings’) tells him he has to serve the Light. Will pulls faces, befriends local oafs, is beset by his idiot brother Max (Gregory Smith of ‘Everwood’) and learns he has a long lost twin brother. I have to wonder where is the British mythology? Why is Will an American? Where is the Walker? Why is Merriman a butler, isn’t he Merlin?

Will battles CGI snakes as the Rider smirks planning to bring eternal forsaken darkness to the world. There is no building tension in this movie instead we get far too much of Will’s foul stench of a family and Will being a brat. The world is faced with a dark future with no outside light yet Merriman never uses his magic, Will sulks and there is much strobe lighting.

There’s a storm, Will’s sister gets a kitten via time travel and this doesn’t phase her, ice and water endanger lives and no-one raises an eyebrow at any mystical goings on. Ian McShane is the best thing in this. Will continues to be stupid. The final fight isn’t dark and desperate despite the Rider defeating the Old Ones too easily. Then there is the ending where the dead come back and the long lost twin returns. How that is going to be explained I don’t know. Still this is somewhat entertaining.

Best Line:
“He might have shown some appriaction; after all we died for him.”
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