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Supernatural Season 5 Eps 21&22 Reviewed

Two Minutes to Midnight

Pestilence (Matt Frewer) rampages. Castiel is human. Bobby sold his soul to Crowley and made out with him as well. Crowely has a iphone. Sam makes yet another season finale all about him, again. The croatoan virus is in the swine flu vaccine. Death shows up in slo-mo. Crowely is helpful sort of, which makes me suspect he'll be the big bad of season 6.

Bobby whines and walks. Suddenly Castiel and Bobby think Sam saying yes to Lucifer is a good thing while Dean saying yes to Michael was a bad thing. Dean meets Death who gives him his ring. Death also sums up Lucifer as "a bratty child having a tantrum." That pretty much sums up the non-event Lucifer has been in season 5. How did Crowley get Death's scythe? This was good, but why does it have to be all about Sam? AGAIN?

Best Lines:
"You are not the burnt and broken shell of a man that I believed you to be."

"If Satan wants 'em so bad, he can glue 'em back together."

Swan Song

Unlike the seasons 2&4 finales which were crap, this was good. Chuck annoys, Sam annoys and Crowley has vanished. Sam chugs demon blood. Castiel still won't free his vessel. After all this Dean is not the Michael sword/vessel. Lucifer and his bad acting show up. Sam's stupid, stupid, stupid plan comes to naught. Oh great plan.

Sam/Lucifer cannot act. Then to add to the pain Adam/Michael shows up to annoy and add to the bad acting. Sam/Lucifer kills Castiel and Bobby, about time. The Prince of Darkness just punches Dean. Then Sam/Lucifer throws himself and Adam/Michael into a bad CGI pit.

Castiel and Bobby come back from the dead, groan. What a cop out. Chuck turns out to be god. Castiel goes to heaven, Bobby shoves off, Dean hangs out with Lisa and Sam shows up looking evil. Groan. Maybe season 6 shouldn't be. This was good but what is up with the final shot?
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