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The Tudors Season 4 Ep 6

That part of the opening credits where they show images of Henry's victims is getting pretty long now: Katherine Howard, Cromwell, Anne Boleyn, Thomas More, Katherine of Aragon and Wolsey.

It is 1542 and Henry is sulking. He plans an Alliance against "the perfidious French", restores Mary and Elizabeth to the succession and fancies Catherine Parr. Also the French ambassador looks rat like and unwashed, Surrey brawls, Mary Queen of Scots is born and Catherine Parr slips away from her dying husband to moon over Thomas Seymour.

But Henry has his eye on Catherine following his usual manner of marrying a woman who is the opposite of her predecessor. Catherine's husband Lord Latimer dies and Henry's minions propose to her as she wears mourning. Classy. Thomas Seymour is sent to Brussels and war is declared on France. This is okay.

Best Lines:
"Do you not think it unseemly to raise her ghost at court?"

"Distracted by his grievous defeat the King of Scots took to his bed and died."

"You know what happens to his Queens. Everyone knows."

"What woman on Earth would want to marry a man who either puts his wives away or kills them?

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