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Book Reviews: Catalyst of Sorrows + A Dark Sacrifice

Star Trek The Lost Era: Catalyst Of Sorrows by Margaret Wander Bonanno

From the author of 'Dwellers In The Crucible', 'Strangers From The Sky' and 'Unspoken Truth' comes this tale set before the beginning of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'.

Admiral Uhura the Chief of Starfleet Intelligence learns deadly plague is emanating from behind the closed Romulan borders and spreading across the Neutral Zone. With no contact with the Romulan Empire since the Tomed Incident of 2311, Uhura is startled when a Romulan agent arrives at Starfleet Academy with vital information.

Uhura sends out a covert team to track the contagion to its source. But there are plots within plots awaiting. This is a fascinating tale that raises questions about the Sundering that split the Vulcan and Romulans and gives us an insight into the Romulan mindset. This is written in Bonanno's trademark non-linear fashion and is an excellent read.

A Dark Sacrifice: Book two of The Rune of Unmaking by Madeline Howard

The follow up to the wonderful 'The Hidden Stars'. The Empress Ouriana the Divine Incarnation of the Devouring Moon continues her reign. Princess Winloki who was ordained to end her dark reign may not be the heroine she was hoped to be. Instead Winloki is stupid, dumb and allows herself to be brainwashed to Ouriana's side.

A band of heroes who set out to save Winloki go through much because of the thankless brat. They endure much trouble, strife and pain but seem to have no purpose. Elsewhere one of Ouriana's sons follows his mother loyally and pays a high price for his devotion. Ouriana has loyal followers and many enemies but can anyone end her reign? This is an engrossing lush story. But where is book three? I hope this series continues doesn't just stop like the 'Silken Magic' saga did.
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