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Flashforward Ep 21 Review

Future Shock

What is Simon's motivation? Noh forgets Zoë to run after Janis. How did the bad guy gang manage to plant bombs in a federal building without anyone noticing? Lloyd and Olivia annoy. Bryce is deluded about Keiko. Aaron dispenses homespun wisdom, Tracey is not dead and Aaron's ex-wife and Wedeck's wife have seemingly been forgotten.

The baddies are everywhere. But how and why? What has their motivation been for any of this? We get no answers on that. Instead we get endless scenes of Charlie and Dylan being annoying, Olivia being a slut, Lloyd being a jerk and Dylan showing off magical autistic math powers. Nicole nearly drowns but is saved, her former boyfriend has vanished without trace.

Noh and Simon hang out at a particle accelerator that has terrible security Mark notices the strings on his mosaic board spell out something. Noh is stupid. But the death cults, kangaroo and new religion remain unexplained as does what the President saw.

Flashforwards come to pass and then another blackout happens and we get new flashforwards taking place in 2015. Janis is abducted, Mark dies and Dylan has a flashforward that is supposed to be meaningful. This was pathetic and an absolutely terrible ending. Nothing is explained and there is no sense of closure. It is just dire.
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