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The Tudors Season 4 Ep 5 Review

Katherine is confined and investigated. Suffolk’s chronic backstabbing syndrome kicks in again. Bad things happen to Dereham. Katherine is so stupid and cannot fathom the consequences of her actions. In the highlight of this episode Katherine runs through the court to Henry but he ignores her and she is dragged away screaming.

Culpepper the smug snake is arrested. Jane Boleyn falls apart. Katherine is offered a possible way out but is too stupid to see it. Where is Cranmer? Culpepper and Dereham meet their ends. Henry forgets all about Katherine to party with a bevy of skanks. Jane and Katherine are executed and nobody really cares. Such was the short, ephemeral reign of Katherine Howard as Queen Consort. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Katherine Howard was a loose young woman.”
“You surely knew that.”

“How misfortunate I am to have so many ill-conditioned wives.”

“He spoiled the Queen for me.”

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