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Review: Cat Among The Pigeons (2008)

Poirot: Cat Among The Pigeons (2008)

Spies, murder, missing jewels and mayhem at England's most famous girls
school. The book is good, however this tv adaptation changes many things
most notably inserting Poirot in the entire thing when in the book, he only
pops up in the final chapters.

After vile gym teacher Miss Springer is impaled by a javelin, Princess
Shaista (pronounced Shy - e's - Ta) insists someone is watching her,
meanwhile Julia the chinless wonder suspects something is up and Jennifer
(played by a poorman's Billie Piper) hangs around seemingly only because the
actress looks like Billie Piper. The gardener Adam Goodman (Adam Croasdell)
looks rather good, the headmistress looks like Cruella de Ville and Poirot
waddles about the place being nosey, looking up skirts (no, really) and
generally being pompous.

What authority does Poirot have to take over a murder investigation? Why
does he talk about himself in the 3rd person? Is this adaptation set pre or
post WW2, because mention of the depression seems to set it in the 1930's.
Why is the book's focus on Julia changed to focusing on Poirot? The killer
is revealed via some ridiculous theatrics and the ending (namely the fate of
the jewels) is changed.

Damn, still it's not entirely bad just a bit disappointing. Also David Suchet's Large Ham style of acting for Poirot just grates on the nerves.
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