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Book Reviews: Is Anybody Out There? + Cthulhu's Reign

Is Anybody Out there? Edited by Nick Gevers and Marty Halpern

The quest to find intelligent life in the universe is the starting point for this enjoyable anthology.

The Word He Was Looking For Was Hello
This is an odd but okay story of aliens and alienation.

A chat about aliens. This is okay.

Good News From Antares
A bitter sci-fi writer has a dream in this good story.

Report from the Field
Aliens observe Earth but they do not understand. This is okay.

Permanent Fatal Errors
In the far future, possible alien contact is made. This is okay.

Where Two or Three
A former astronaut tells a volunteer about how he made contact with aliens but nobody believed him. This is good.

Graffiti in the Library of Babel
Aliens make contact in an unusual way and they aren't friendly. This is good and creepy.

The Dark Man
A legend of Rome may be of extra-terrestrial origin. This is very good.

Timmy, Come Home
A man hears voices but what are they trying to tell him? This is good.

A Waterfall of Lights
This is a good tale of body horror.

Rare Earth
This is another odd but okay tale of first contact.

Cthulhu's Reign edited by Darrell Schweitzer

This bleak anthology based on the works of H.P Lovecraft dwells on what happens after the Old Ones return and conquer. What would such a totally transformed planet be like?

The Walker in the Cemetery
A tour group become trapped in a necropolis after Cthulhu rises. They are subjected to torments as their numbers are whittled down for an unholy purpose. This is very good.

A small forgotten town survived Cthulhu's rise. The townsfolk survive as best they can but sanctuaries do not always hold. This is very good.

Her Acres of Pastoral Playground
A man tries to keep what remains of his family safe as the Earth has become Cthulhu's domain. This is good.

What Brings the Void
The hellish unending nature of Cthulhu's reign is made clear in this good tale.

Ghost Dancing
Cthulhu cultists try to strike a bargain to survive. This is good.

This is How the world Ends
A man survives Cthulhu's rising and regrets it. This is okay.

Such Bright and Risen Madness
The remains of a resistance movement plot a final strike against their masters. This is okay.

The Seals of New R'lyeh
A man tries to play hero and fails. This is okay.

Nothing Personal
What could have prompted Cthulhu's rise? This okay story suggests one motive.

Two sets of survivors meet up in this good tale which is the only hopeful story in the collection.
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