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Flashforward Ep 20 Review


Charlie tells Olivia that Mark will die, Olivia doesn't care. Lloyd is a jerk as he wants Olivia to be with him right now. Noh tells Zoë he slept with Janis and is the father of her baby. Zoë walks out. Aaron learns that Tracey saw Jericho carry out a flashforward test in a village. Who the baddies are and what their motives are remain obscure. Noh yells in annoying manner and forgets about Zoë. Mark is stupid. Various bad guys sneer. Bryce throws away his relationship with Nicole to run after Keiko. Mark drinks, Olivia is selfish beyond belief and Lloyd turns into a stalker. This is dull, all these people are vile and selfish. TPTB must have known the show was to be axed but did they attempt to explain anything or tie up anything? No.
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