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Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (2009) Review

It’s the miniseries and seasons 1&2 told from the cylons POV, sort of. That Zoë Graystone brat on ‘Caprica’ has much to answer for.

Cavil (Dean Stockwell) plots the Fall of the 12 colonies. It seems he knew who the Final Five were all along. Three (Lucy Lawless) does not feature in this. Cavil chats up Ellen in a bar and saves her from the fall of Picon. The hybrid babbles. The huge cylon fleet jumps in, somehow nobody sees it. The cylons attack, the attack on the colonies is tough stuff to watch.

Tigh shows up to gurn. Anders plays pyramid and then becomes a resistance leader by remembering what he saw in old war movies. Thankfully Lee and Kara only show up in old footage and there is no Roslin at all. Also the cylons had no plan. The lame Five’s are mocked.

Cavil is the mastermind and one Cavil is in the ragtag fleet and another Cavil infiltrates Ander’s resistance. Dean Stockwell steals the show as Fleet-Cavil rants and Caprica-Cavil has a change of heart. This is dark and good.

How did Tory survive? Where is Boxey? Why no mention of the Olympic Carrier? Why did Leoban become so obsessed with Kara? Why did Leoban claim Adama was a cylon? Is there any cylon model Cavil didn’t sleep with? Why did Boomer go from conflicted to psycho? Why do TPTB hate Cally? Why didn’t Sam get suspicious of Caprica-Cavil earlier?

Best Lines:
“The farms of Aerilon are burning. The beaches of Canceron are burning...The Colonies of Man lie trampled at our feet.”

“She shot Adama, but not very accurately.”

“The anticipation is really unpleasant.”
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