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Stargate Universe Season 1 Ep 19 Review

Incursion, Part 1

Scott and Wray annoy. Logic goes right out the window. How can depriving Rush’s body of air kill Telford? How can suffocating Telford undo his alleged brainwashing? Was there actual brainwashing at all? Is Telford one of the good guys now or not? Didn’t anyone wonder about his personality shift before now?

Carter and O’Neill show up. Kiva (Rhona Mitra of ‘Doomsday’) cannot act. The Lucien Alliance dial Destiny and a standoff ensures. Chloe’s stupid, Young’s stupider. Telford is on Destiny at last, I’m sure that’ll work out wonderfully. Chloe’s shot, Eli babbles, TJ’s captured, Wray causes more problems because she is useless. This was boring. This show is now a joke bereft of a punch line.
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