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Supernatural Season 5 Ep 19 Review

Hammer of the Gods

Sam and Dean and their serious psychological problems check into a hotel and run across gods like Mercury, Ganesh, Odin, Kali and Baldur. The gods wear nametags for some reason. This show and the apoco-bore are now an endless black ocean of suck

Then Loki/The Trickster/Gabriel shows up to inflict himself on the viewer. Lucifer shows up and he looks decaying. Lucifer and Gabriel rant at each other. Lucifer kills most of the other gods in a truly offensive scene. Lucifer shives Gabriel.

But never fear Sam and Dean now have a new plan to stop Lucifer which Gabriel pulled out of his ass. The Horseman Famine shows up. This was okay but undone by the offensiveness. But when did they get Famine’s ring? Where did Kali go?

Best Line:
“Lucifer’s going to turn them into finger paint.”
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