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Stargate Universe Season 1 Ep 18 review


Telford is a spy for a clichéd bunch of baddies named the Lucian Alliance. The now friendly Rush and Young plot to bring Telford down. It doesn’t work out though. Wray shows up to cause trouble, O’Neill shows up to look bored and Daniel shows up for no clear reason.

There’s a baby shower for TJ. Telford sneers. It seems Young and Telford were once friends, Young had friends? Kiva a Lucian Alliance skank sneers. It seems she wants Destiny. Telford and Young smack each other around and Telford sneers about fallout from the actions of SG1, he actually has a point. This means of course the writers ignore it.

This starts intriguingly but goes downhill. Even the cliffhanger ending doesn’t inspire interest. If the Lucian Alliance is going to be the new big bad I have lost all interest in this show, I didn’t think it was possible for TPTB to find baddies more boring than the Wraith but they have.

Where did Rush get his bedspread? Why isn’t anyone concerned about the memory bleed through between Telford and the people he swapped with? Why did the memory bleed through only occur with Telford?
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