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Lost Season 1 Eps 1&2 Rewatch

Pilot parts 1&2

So ‘Lost’, was it all just Vincent’s dream? Kidding. I love these eps, Jack wakes up in the bamboo grove in shock. Poor Jack, he has no idea what’s coming. In retrospect, season 1 was my favourite.

Jack runs around saving all the Flight 815 survivors and tending to their wounds, don’t bother Jack by season 6 most of them will be dead anyway. I do crave Shannon’s pink jacket. Claire looks at cold airline food with a bit too much relish. Kate and Jack bond and the monster makes its presence felt.

The scenery is beautiful, shame they cut back on showing it in later seasons. Kate, Jack and Charlie go to look for the cockpit and as they make their way across the island they are not tripping over Ben, submarines, Dharma, the Black Rock, hatches, Others, cabins, Temples or monuments - which is very refreshing.

‘Lost’ began as a survival drama and season 6 was something vastly different. As the monster attacks the cockpit Jack hangs onto Kate as Charlie is ignored and the pilot (Greg Grunberg of ’Heroes’) is monster chow.

Elsewhere the long dance of the in’s and out’s of Sun and Jin’s marriage begins. Hurley and Sayid chat, Sayid utters his classic “Republican Guard” line. Kate shows that even as a fugitive on the run she’s been waxing. Jack tells her to run in case of any danger, oh the irony. Shannon is useless.

Sayid, Sawyer, Kate, Charlie, Boone and Shannon hear the French message that has been playing for 16 years. Hurley faints, the US Marshal wakes up and Kate lies and manipulates. This was excellent, the scene with Kate and the tail section getting ripped off is amazing.

What happened to the man with the injured leg? Where Cindy, Zack and Emma left alive on the island after season 6? Why did the monster kill the pilot? Why did Flight 815 go off course? What happened to the transceiver? Is the pilot’s body still up in tat tee? If Charlie was in first class when the plane broke up, how did he survive and end up on the beach? How did Kate get to Australia when she was a wanted felon with no passport? Where did Kate get that orange t-shirt? What happened to Sawyer being a smoker? Nobody saw Kate in handcuffs? Why was the Marshal so obsessed with Kate? Why did the Others let that message transmit for 16 years? Why did the 815 folk not wonder how it was being transmitted?

Best Lines:
“I might throw up on you.”

“What the hell just happened?”

“You spent a year in Paris.”
“Drinking not studying.”

“Yo! There’s a rescue plane! We’re saved! Yay! Yeah, he’s out.”

“Someone else was stranded here?”

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