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Movie Review: Scavenger Hunt (1979)

A rich man named Mr Parker (Vincent Price) dies, stipulating in his will that the winner of a scavenger hunt will inherit his $200 estate. The potential beneficiaries form into teams and run around stealing stuff so they can be rich.

There is Parker’s sister Mildred (Cloris Leachman), her attorney (Richard Benjamin) and her idiot son. They’re the baddies, in case their various psychotic episodes don’t clue you in. There is Parker’s son in law Henry and his pack of brats. Parker’s nephews Jeffrey and Kenny (Dirk Benedict) who team up with Mildred’s unloved stepdaughter Lisa. There is a cab driver (Richard Muligan) who takes part for no clear reason and Parker’s staff (which for some reason does not include his nurse): the chauffer, chef, butler (Roddy McDowall) and Babbette the French maid in her stripper wear.

Parker’s gloating, sarcastic legal team gloats. Is this will even legal? The team run around and much non-comedy and wild over acting is on display. No to mention the vile 70’s fashions. The teams have to get 100 items and put them in a pen on Parker’s lawn by 5pm to win.

They’re selfish thieves: Mildred’s son seems to have mental problems, the staff steal a toilet in a prolonged unfunny scene, the nephews and Lisa steal a fast food mascot and get high. There is much non-PC humour. Does this film get funny? Not really, it’s funnier if you watch it when you’re a child.

Mildred’s lawyer steals a foxtail from a biker gang and is menaced by their leader (Meat Loaf). Henry and his kids have sappy scenes and then he goes into a gym and is tossed out a window by Lars (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and in one mildly amusing scene the staff get trapped in a room full of foam.

Mildred and co cheat but as the moral message tells us, sharing is good. This is moderately okay time passer.

Best Lines:
You’re overdoing it.”
“I loved him like a brother.”
“He was your brother.”

“Let me tell you your fortune, you don’t get any fortune!”

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