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Book Review: The Clockwork King of Orl

Twilight of Kerberos: The Clockwork King of Orl by Mike Wild

The 2nd in the sword&sorcery saga after the damp squib start that was
'Shadow Mage'.

Kali Hooper is an adventurer (a quasi-medieval Lara Croft) in the world of
Twilight. She likes to go into lost places to find what was left behind by
the vanished Old Races. In her latest quest she uncovers a terrifying legacy
of the Old Races, a mysterious truth about herself, confronts the deadly
Final Faith and learns she has a destiny.

This was a good read, far superior to the dire 'Shadow Mage'. Kali is a more
appealing heroine than the criminal thug of 'Shadow Mage' and this story is
better at laying out the mysteries of Twilight. It is suggested that the
world of Twilight is some sort of post-apocalypse and the fate of the Old
Races is an elusive mystery. What happened to the Old Races? What lies
beyond the World's Ridge mountains? What is the true origin and motives of
the Final Faith? How does Twilight survive having a gas giant planet as
their 'moon'?
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