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The Langoliers (1995) Review, Part 2

Dinah gets stabbed because people are idiots. They have no sign of trepidation or nervousness, even when Albert gets into a toaster vs knife fight with the deranged Toomey. This seems full of padding and Dinah will not stop yapping.

There is low key, naturalistic acting and then there is no acting which is what 97% of the cast of this are guilty if. Poor Dean Stockwell, he goes from ‘Kim’ to this. There is no tension and don’t even get me started on the psychic claptrap.

Toomey kills Don and there are noises over the horizon. People shuffle their feet in response, wasn’t the world just waiting for this? This isn’t character based, it’s just naff. The novella was highly emotive, but this adaptation is not well rounded, does not flow effectively and we get not insight into Toomey’s tortured soul. He is just a hard edged bully in this.

Finally the Langoliers show up and they are bad 90’s CGI with big teeth. This was dire and grainy looking. Most of them get home and do a skip of joy. How do they plan to explain the plane and all the missing people?

Best Lines:
What is that noise?”
“My dear, I hope we never have to find out.”

“He tends to turn away and curse loudly when he hears my name.”

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