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Fringe Season 2 Ep 23 Review

Over There, Part 2

Peter gets a tour of his home and sees 10,000 people encased in quarantine amber, creepy. Peter and Walternate talk. Peter meets the alt Olivia and Walternate seems to be interested in his reaction. Walternate and alt Olivia talk and it is clear he has a deep cold anger about what was done to his family.

Olivia, Bell and Walter plan to escape home. It is difficult to believe Walter and Bell were ever friends as they spew insults non-stop at each other. Walter sees the blight and looks sad. Bell has been working with Walternate. Alt Olivia has the theme from ‘Rocky Horror’ as her ring tone, that’s hilarious. Peter learns his abduction is famous.

Olivia and alt Olivia face off. The alt Fringe team are held at bay by a pensioner. Someone dies. Peter forgets all about his mother and returns to his fake home. Walternate seems angry or is there a larger plan in motion? The end twist seems to suggest so. What is Walternate planning? Is Peter on the level? What are alt Olivia’s orders? Will we finally get a Walter vs Walternate showdown in season 3? I look forward to season 3 maybe Peter will get something decent to do. How will he and Walter interact? Walter still calls Peter “son”. Peter now thinks both his fathers are bastards; this won’t end well will it? This is good.

Didn’t the other Charlie have a scar? Is the quarantine amber linked to the bus incident back in season 1? Where is Newton? Why do apartments have viral purging? Where did Olivia get the hair dye? Why does the device react only to Peter? Who was Peter talking to when he was working on the device? Why does everyone think Peter should be back with Walter who abducted him and damaged two universes in the process? Why did Peter not want to stay with his mother? Why is Bell concerned about Peter? What was the drug Walternate gave Peter back in part 1? How did alt Olivia know about the typewriters? Why can’t Olivia teleport home?

Best Lines:
“Nice of him to finally show up.”

“They’re our doubles. Alternate versions of ourselves but don’t be deceived Olivia, they’re monsters in our skin.”

“Your son who was kidnapped 20 years ago?”
“Yes, kidnapped by them.”

“Your kidnapping, it’s a famous story.”

“A chain of events set into motion the day you stole Peter.”

“I supplied Fringe Division with the 76 model. This is the 77.”

“I’m trying to see this your way Walter, I can’t.”
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