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Lost Season 6 Ep 17 Review

The End

And so it ends and it is a bit disappointing to be honest. There is too much of the flash-sideways and Fake Locke gloating and gurning.

Vincent, Rose and Bernard show up. Richard’s alive and seems to be no longer immortal. What will he do with his life now? After devoting himself to the island for a long, long, long time, he just leaves. Lapidus is alive somehow and capable of flying a plane. He has no injuries or dehydration or sunstroke. Desmond makes faces. Fake Locke stabs Jack. So Kate and Jack finally kill him/it.

Hurly gets a new job and Ben takes over Richard’s job. This was half good which is a long way from great. So Lapidus, Richard, Sawyer, Kate, Claire and Miles escape. And the new Others seem to consist of Hurley, Ben, Rose, Bernard and Vincent. Poor Jack, I knew he was doomed from the opening shot of the skull motif.

There’s a big feeling of THATS IT about this ep. There’s no answer to where all the Egyptian stuff came from or the fertility problem. And the twist about the flash-sideways is that it's actually flash-eternity! They’re all deader than Lindsay Lohan’s career. What a waste of time the flash-sideways was. This was disappointing.

Why weren’t Nikki, Paulo, Ana-Lucia, Michael, Walt, Alex, Karl, Ilana, Richard, Miles or Lapidus in the church? What was Jack’s son all about? How could the plane still fly? Where will the plane go and what will be their story this time? How did Ben get out from under the tree? How do they plan to get Desmond home? Why was the island under water in ep 1?

Best Lines:
“I’ll go get the magic leprechaun out of that well.”

“I don’t believe in a lot of things but I do believe in duct tape.”

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