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Flashforward Ep 18 Review

Course Correction

‘Lost’ got an Event TV send off, ‘Heroes’ sputtered out and ‘Flashforward’ like ‘Ugly Betty’ is ending to mass indifference.

Olivia has no loyalty to Mark. Celia says she’s glad Al killed himself so she can live. Fiona shows up and runs over Celia. The Blue Hand Group resurfaces. People who survived their flash-forward fates are

Mark and Simon have words, prompting Mark to finally, finally get suspicious of Simon. Lloyd acts like a prat, Olivia throws herself at Lloyd like a dirty ho. The crazy death cult guy is teaching again somehow. Bryce is suddenly well and kisses Nicole. Lloyd, Dylan and Gabriel all annoy. The dire Keiko plot drags on. Simon’s sister is rescued.

Simon is busted as Suspect Zero and the person who will cause the second blackout. Mark plans to apprehend Simon with rampant prejudice, but it is a bit late as Simon has stolen the QED ring and done a runner. This was okay except for the Olivia and Lloyd subplot is disgusting, the duo are shameless.

Why is everyone wearing headphones during the test? Why aren’t Lloyd and Simon facing charges for the 20 million deaths?
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