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Doctor Who: The Hungry Earth Review

It’s 2020 and a team of two have drilled 21 miles into the Earth’s crust. Meanwhile Amy dresses like a slapper and will not stop whining. Well, she finally stops when she’s sucked into the Earth. It seems as the scientists have been drilling down, something has been drilling up.

Cue a mostly creepy ep as something is coming. The ep then falls apart in the last few minutes as the unseen enemy turns out to be rubber monsters who want to take over the planet. There is also a shrieky woman who blames the Doctor for her lack of parenting skills. No-one asks ho the rubber monsters speak English for some reason. Anyway the creepy build up was very ‘Phantasm’ like but the reveal of the Silurians is a bit rubbish and the trailer for part 2 looks dire.

Best Lines:
“Oh, I love a big mining thing.”

“The graves round here eat people.”

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