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Lost Season 6 Ep 16 Review

What They Died For

I am really sick of the pointless flash sideways and don’t even get me started on what happened to Richard in this ep. If TPTB have killed him off, I’m not buying the season 6 boxset. Richard was in more eps in season 3 and 5 when he was a guest star then he was in this season.

Sawyer’s dumb. Richard buried Alex, Ben thanks him for this. Zoë and Widmore show up to look smug, Then Fake Locke does something to Richard and Ben switches sides, again. Fake Locke kills Zoë, finally. Ben gets his revenge for Alex. Jacob admits what he did to his twin brother was a mistake. He needs a replacement and so got a plane full of unhappy flawed people to crash on his island and one of the surviving unhappy flawed people volunteers. Fake Locke wants to destroy the island.

In the flash sideways Desmond’s cut his hair, Ben tries to make a citizen’s arrest and Desmond beats Ben up. Desmond wants Locke to let go, of what? Desmond ends up in jail with Sayid and Kate. Alex has Danielle and Ben bond. This was good except for poor Richard.

What is Jack using as a needle to sew Kate’s wound? Ji Yeon will grow up without parents due to her parents being selfish idiots. Did Jacob really invite Widmore back? Where is Miles? Is Richard dead? How did Danielle and Alex end up in LA? Did Locke see the light at the heart of the island back in season 1? Why didn’t Hurley want the job? Why hasn’t the Marshal resurfaced? Why is Hurley working with Desmond? Why is Ana-Lucia not ready? Why is Desmond a fail safe? Didn’t Jack worry about parasites in that water?

Best Lines:
“If you need us, we’ll be running through the jungle.”

“He’s hiding in my closet.”

“You don’t want to see this.”
“I want to see this.”

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