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The Langoliers (1995) Review, Part 1

This miniseries is based on a novella from Stephen King’s ‘Four Past Midnight’. It’s about how a plane trip goes wrong. It begins with exposition dumps, bad 90’s attire and it is way over lit and that’s even before the plane takes off.

Sometime during the flight the blind girl Dinah wakes up and begins shrieking, she can’t act even her shrieking is badly acted. Various other characters are woken by the shrieking, among them Laurel (Patricia Wettig of ‘Prison Break’), Bob (Dean Stockwell of ‘Quantum Leap’), Brian (David Morse) and the noxious Craig (Bronson Pinchot). People react to the fact that the plane is all but empty by acting stoned.

How did passengers and crew disappear in mid air leaving just 10 strangers behind? Craig doesn’t care and yells a lot probably because all the hair gel on his head has seeped into his ears and meted his brain. Pinchot overacts, chews the scenery and shouts every line of dialogue.

Various other characters - Rudy, Nick (Mark Lindsay Chapman), Don, Bethany and Albert - pop up. Nick gets the cockpit door open rather easily so Brian can land the plane at a deserted airport. Everyone else revels in their respective incompetence.

Rob deduces that they’ve travelled through a time rip and Dinah says that mysterious IBS style noises they can hear in the distance are a bad thing. This is very faithful to the source materiel but has no spark it is just too dull and talky.

Best Line:
Love. Is. Not. Part. Of. The. Big. Picture.”
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