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Fringe Season 2 Ep 22 Review

Over There, Part 1

Peter’s gone with Walternate to the other universe without as much as a moment’s hesitation. So Walter and Olivia decide he has to come back or the world will end. So they enlist the help of Nick, Sally and James to help cross over to the other side. The alt Fringe team are more advanced and detect their arrival and there’s deaths a plenty.

Walter still refers to Peter as his son and seems to have been watching the security footage of Peter and Walternate obsessively. Everyone seems to ignore the fact that Peter went with Walternate of his own free will.

The other side is different in big and little ways. The statue of liberty is still its original colour and the DOD is located nearby. Cabbage Patch dolls are still popular, nanite regeneration chambers can heal burn victims, Martin Luther King is on the $20 bill and ‘The West Wing’ is still on. Walternate leads the DOD and founded the Fringe team in 1985 after the ‘Zero Event’. I presume the Zero Event was Peter’s abduction but why has it taken Walternate so long to reclaim his son? He found time to found the Fringe team and write and publish the ZFT manifesto. Walter’s actions created a pattern of disaster on the other side.

Meanwhile Peter is being shot up with some IV drug and meets his mother Elizabeth. The years since she handed Peter over to Walter have not been kind to her. Walternate is not spending much time with his long lost son; in fact he and Elizabeth seem up to something.

People die, Walter’s shot, Olivia runs into William Bell and Walternate is planning something. This was very good but what is Walternate up to and what is Peter’s part in it? Peter actually seems happy in his proper universe, so which side is he on?

What is the quarantine device? Where did Newton go? Who are the First People mentioned in the opening credits? Why was Walter told that Peter could never go back to the other side? Why did Nick, Sally and James agree to help?

Best Line:
“You’re essentially invading enemy territory without a plan.”
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